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A good class is one that changes your life when you leave.Our classes in nonverbal education open your eyes and enable you to see things that 99% of the Through founder Blake Eastman's research on nonverbal communication, he has encountered the word "expert" time and time again.In addition, men use their pockets to carry belongings, women typically carry a purse.Besides being cumbersome, the purse can be a nonverbal signal of sex and submissiveness (consider the failure of men’s ‘satchels’ in catching on; there is a devaluing of men who appear to be “carrying a purse”). Like venturing into the personal space bubble, touch can be considered an “invasion” initiated more by dominant individuals.Women tend to have a smaller personal space bubble.

Our research, classes, and services are focused on efficacy.

We strive to provide research and education that is directly applicable across the wide spectrum of human interaction.

Blake Eastman's lifelong passion for nonverbal communication led him to begin formal research in graduate school.

Eastman's success as a professional poker player placed him in the financial position to fund his own research.

Throwing all of the chaotic academic red tape and grant approvals aside, he set out to learn more about this growing topic on his own.

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They are like...that's kewl.there isn't any problems. I don't know of any research on the male nod, but there is some old work from an ethologist, Eibl-Eibesfeldt on the "eyebrow flash" which is the opening of the eyes/eyebrow raising (sometimes with a jerk back of the head).

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