Non sedating antihistamine in singapore

Posted by / 20-Oct-2017 15:28

In a Washington Post Health Talk about allergies, Dr.Daniel Ein, a professor at George Washington University School of Medicine and a practicing allergist since 1972, gave this advice: "My rule about the best one antihistamine is: It's the one that gives you (the individual) the greatest relief with the fewest side effects at the lowest price." So if one antihistamine isn't working for you, try a different one.

Just pay attention to labels so you know which active ingredient you're getting.

Children aged 1 to 6 years: 5 drops twice daily Children aged from 6 to 12 years: 10 drops twice daily Adolescents 12 years and above: 20 drops once daily. Please read the full product information prior to administration. For further information, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

A starting dose of 10 drops may be proposed if this elads to satisfactory control of the symptoms.

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If you can't, consider an allergy medication with an added decongestant.