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dotnc U Hmuerattjj Hthrata 3t J(aca, SItm fork 3 1924 095 279 950 Cornell University Library The original of tliis book is in tlie Cornell University Library. And therefore, tyme it doth behoofe: " Shall make of trouth a perfit proofe. Thus hope breds helth, & helth breds ease to euery troubled mind. There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. Take yo Uj my lord, and mayster than, "^ (Vnlesse mischaunce, mischaunseth me:) Such homely gyft of your own man, ui Synce more in court, I may not be: w 7\let your praise wonne here tofore, " Remayne abrode for euermore. 20 Finding worldly ioyes but vanities he wysheth death F, M. In hope we easely suffer harme, in hope of future tyme. Whe" first mine eyes did vew & marke thy beutie faire for to behold. Beware they threshe clene though the lesser they j^arne: and if thou wilt thriue loke thy selfe to thy barne. If barne rome will serue lay thy stoouer vp dtye and eche kinde of strawe by hitselfe let it lie. The better thou vse them in place where they stande: more strength shall they haue for to breake vp thy lande. Giue cattell their fodder the plot drie and warme : and count them for mixing or other like harme. O * 69 The sainct I sei-ve and have besought, Richard Hill 6z The subtill slily sleights, M. Dame Nature did man frame, [Anon.] 31 We reade what paines the powers devine, R. V 7i What watche, what wo, what want, what wraclce, W. At London Printed by^dward Allde for Edward White dwelling at the little North dore of Saint Paules Church, at the signe of the Gunne, [Colophon] At London printed by E. for Edward White dwelling at the little north doore of Paules Church at the signe of the Gunne. Shall frowardnesse, your fancies ayer, be of more force then she : Shall now disdaine the dragg of death, direct and leade the waie. Thy chaffe housed sweete kept from pu Uein and dust: shall serue well thy horses when labour they must. Trust neuer to boyes, if thou trust well to spede: be serued with those that may helpe at a nede. Serue first out thy rie strawe then wheate & then pease, then otestrawe then barley, then hay if you please. [This edition is nearly similar to the one of l600. Advertisement .1 Preface 'U Dedication to Sir Henry Compton -^.j.' Saint Barnards Verses My lucke is losse A iij Beware of had I wyst My lucke is losse A luj The perfect tryall of a faythfu U frecnd Vloop it. Shall all the imps upon the yearth reioyce at my decaie ?

But michers that loue not to bie nor to craue : make some gather sooner, els fewe should they haue. Or winter doe come while the weather is good: for gutting thy grounde get the home with thy wood. Kindlemarsh 6 Who mindes to bring his shippe, &e lasper Hey wood 6 Of the vnconstant staye of fortune's giftes F. 8 Promise is debt R- Hill 9 No woordes, but deedes ' R. 9 He desyreth exchange of lyfe L- Vaux 10 Of the instabilitie of youth L- Vaux 11 Most happy is that state alone, &c F. The lothsome Tode that shunneth light, and liueth in exile: These, these, I sale and thousands more by trackt of tyme decaie.

For then what thou rerist thou nede not to dout : will double thy gaine ere the yere come about. Be gredy to spende all and careles to saue : and shortly be nedy, and redy to craue. Of the pieces here considered Anonymous, the name of Tho. Though secret spight by craft hath made a coate of Panters skin. She saied in woides, she thought it not as tyme doth trie.

Be wilfull to kill, and vnskilftill to store: and sone giue vp houskeping longe any more. Thy calues then that come betwene new yere and lent: saue gladly for store lest thou after repent. Geld vnder the dame, within fornight at least: and saue both thy money and life of the beast. Churchyard was afterwards affixed to " He persuadeth his friend," &c. And thinks to finde me in the shade by sleight to wrapp me in.

And if I may my song auowe j No man I craue, to iudge but you. And when my feete had gone so softe to finde and haue thy companie, I would eche hande a foote had been, and eke eche foote ahandso seen; And Hi ,58 '€tt ^avatji^z And when in minde 1 did consent to followe thus my fansies will^ And when my harte did first re Jent to tast suche baite myself to spill^ 1 would my harte had been as thine, or els thy harte as soft as myne.

IT Your Seraant, Thomas Tusser, A hundreth good poyntes of husbandry. 17 He persuadeth his friend from the fond effectes of loue Anon. The~ should not I suche cause haue fou~d to wish this mo~strous sight to se^ Ne thou, alas! Sithe slipper gaine falles to my lot, farwell that glidyng praie. Sithe that the dice doeth runne awrie, betimes leaue of thy plaie.

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