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It’s just like a bar where sometimes you’ll strike out and sometimes you’ll hit a home run. My friend showed me a ridiculously brief, canned e-mail he was using with girls on OK Cupid, and he was setting up lots of dates with it.

I tried it on Match, and although my response rate was worse, to my surprise it wasn’t by much. However, I would suspect that on a more relationship-oriented site like e Harmony, this might not work so well. It’s amazing how we have almost the same pointers on this type of thing. I usually request a girl facebook me after a message or two. Really let the online dating thing work for you on the first date.

With online dating you have three tools: the picture, the message and the profile.

Fourth, Take It Slow but Go For The Close Don’t rush things.

With the 22-27 crowd, seeing your FB profile is much more real than your OKC profile. With about 50% of the girls, I realized the few pics they posted were very flattering of them (I ditched the date)… Makes a very easy opening into talking about each other personally and move into GK’s Big Four.Exchange a few e-mails first before taking it offline but do move it offline sooner rather than later.If you’ve been writing e-mails back and forth for the last four weeks, you’re building this up to be something more than it is and you’re going to be disappointed. If she’s not meeting me after the third message, I’m polite but I move on.Have fun folks Guess I’ll add another item specific to the 22-27ish crowd.Although online dating isn’t taboo anymore, the girls I’ve met have always stated that they have turned to it because they were unhappy with the guys they were meeting. I agree with what he wrote although I’ve met a few girls who have had their shit together at age 24-25.

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You can flirt a bit too, while setting up your date . Boss, your Facebook strategy is an interesting one.

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