Dating high iq dating

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Dating high iq dating

Some societies have trouble setting up functional economies, a problem that seems to have “deep roots.” Looking at the possibilities from a different angle, humanity spread out to every corner of the globe over the course of tens of thousands of years, facing radically different environmental challenges everywhere it went and evolving in lots of disparate ways when it came to skin color, bone structure, disease risks (including alcoholism), etc.

In those environments humans set up radically different cultures as well, which can themselves drive genetic changes. are not a representative cross-section of the countries they come from, for instance; they are a self-selected group.

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, John Mc Whorter has a challenging and thought-provoking essay about the topic of race and IQ — specifically, about whether that topic should even be up for discussion in liberal-arts classrooms and in the media, as opposed to in scientific journals.

Do you think the typical Googler is going to wade through the technical pros and cons of the “method of correlated vectors” (a heavily criticized technique suggesting that the best measures of “general intelligence” also have the biggest black–white gaps), or do you think he’ll turn to the more accessible option, especially if it’s at least presented in a reasoned tone?

I, for one, am glad I was able to find a wealth of material explaining both sides of the issue in terms that even a journalism major could understand (before I decided to dig into those dense, obscure academic journals myself).

And that’s one reason I’ve created such material myself in the years since I entered the media.

I see no reason it be the case that these environmental and cultural differences cause the entirety of the observed IQ gap.

How did evolution shape humanity as a whole, and to what extent did it shape different populations differently?

Why do If mainstream outlets decline to cover the subject, all that will be left are what Mc Whorter calls “dense, obscure academic journals” — and fringe websites whose proprietors don’t feel bound by society’s norms.

I have written about race and IQ on numerous occasions — and for a general audience, as I am not even a specialist myself.

See, for example, my 2013 essay in this space about Jason Richwine’s departure from the Heritage Foundation, as well as my Real Clear reviews of Nicholas Wade’s I suppose I can blame this on my wife.

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And even if people did stop discussing it openly, I suspect many would still become curious about the topic and research it online, where people feel considerably freer to explore the taboo.