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I knew immediately that he was Mongolian and walked up to him to ask where he was going and if he wanted to share a cab. We exchanged basic pleasantries and introductions, but that was all ruined by the following: While my Mongolian counterpart hadn’t been looking, a cab had pulled up next to us.But, instead of waiting, a Chinese man who had been standing nearby got in the cab. Despite the fact that I am now on the beach in Vietnam, have traversed several countries by train in the last few weeks, and am geographically veryveryvery far away from the windswept, bone-chilling sandstorms of the Mongolian spring, I am still writing about this country.😉 Before I get started, I wanted to explicitely state my intentions in writing this article: to point to the dangers, from a feminist woman’s perspective, of feeding the fires of extreme nationalism and/or ethnic blood superiority rhetoric.And, obviously due to the Chinese government’s usurpation tendencies, Mongolians fear that the Chinese propaganda machine will eventually turn its gaze to the wide and (mostly empty) Mongolian steppe.This deep-seated dislike towards the Chinese did not solely arise on its own.

While traveling through the countryside during research (initially) on nutrition, herders would repeatedly tell me that they don’t trust fruit, because all fruit is from China and thus poisoned.A Western vestigial of this patrilineal inheritance is the acquisition of the husband’s name upon marriage (which obviously still exists). ‘Erliiz’ refers to mixed-heritage children and could be translated as half-blood, which doesn’t sound so nice in whatever language you translate it into (i.e.In Mongolia, children get their father’s first name, which is then put before their own name… According to ultra-nationalist rhetoric, you are your father’s child. Mongolian women calling me ‘Mischling’ while speaking to me in German).I by no means want to say that all Mongolians think this way; I am simply saying that these tendencies exist in contemporary Mongolian culture and why I perceive them to be limiting and dangerous.There are all types of people in Mongolia, just like everywhere else!

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I asked the Mongolian National Nutrition Center about the fruit fears, which did chemical tests on Mongolian fruit and found out that the rumor regarding the poor quality of Chinese fruit entering Mongolia is simply not true.

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